Live netcast and video on demand information. Feeling the Brady Bunch's Pain: How two networks became a family

January 15, 2013, 10:20 AM - 10:40 AM
Hawaii (GMT - 10)
Location: Keoni
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  • Michael Sinatra
    Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)  [pdf]
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    Session Abstract When ESnet received the ANI grant to build a new 100GE network, it already had its fourth-generation network in full production, using multiple 10GE links. ESnet4 was comprised of routers from two vendors, used two IGPs (OSPF for IPv4 and IS-IS for IPv6), and had separate infrastructures for production IP traffic and for research traffic (the latter of which could be reserved using OSCARS). The ANI 100GE that was constructed used a third vendor, had only one IGP (IS-IS), and promised to consolidate the OSCARS reservation system, with its sophisticated MPLS backend, into a single very-high-speed network. This talk will cover the lessons learned during the daunting task of consolidating the existing ESnet4 and the new ANI networks into a single production network: ESnet5. This is part of a series of talks discussing the rollout of the new production 100GE network that ESnet has developed in very close partnership with Internet2, and my part will be to discuss mainly Layer-3 issues: Consolidating routing protocols and routers and creating a cleaner and simpler design, while minimizing downtime during the transition.

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