Live netcast and video on demand information. MPTCP in a Multipath WAN Fabric using Openflow

January 14, 2013, 2:20 PM - 2:40 PM
Hawaii (GMT - 10)
Location: Keoni
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  • Ronald van der Pol
    SURFnet  [pdf]
  • Session Evaluation
    Session Abstract Data sets in e-science are increasing exponentially in size. To transfer these huge data sets we need to make efficient use of all available network capacity. This means using multiple paths when available. In 2012 a prototype of such a multipath network was demoed at GLIF and SC12. Several emerging network technologies were integrated to achieve the goal of efficient high end-to-end throughput. Multipath TCP was used by the end hosts to distribute the traffic across multiple paths and OpenFlow was used within the network to do the wide area traffic engineering. A website showed the actual topology (including link outages), the paths provisioned through the network and traffic statistics on all links and the end-to-end aggregate throughput. In this presentation we will describe what we did and present our results. Netcast Archive Streams [Flash (High)]
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