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Live netcast and video on demand information. PingER: Getting a Lot from a Simple Utility

July 16, 2012, 9:05 AM - 9:25 AM
Pacific (GMT -7)
Location: Berg Hall
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Session Abstract This talk will illustrate how the simple ubiquitous Internet ping facility can provide a veritable wealth of information. Using the PingER monitoring infrastructure with on-line data going back to the start of 1998, and covering over 160 countries today, we will:
  • Look at identifying the general quality of links with metrics such as Round Trip Times (RTT), jitter, duplicate packets, out of order packets, losses and their patterns, and the unreachability;
  • Derive information on the expected throughput, quality of VoIP calls worldwide;
  • Illustrate the evolution of the Internet worldwide;
  • Illustrate the impact of events such as earthquakes, cable cuts, uprising etc.;
  • Identify which countries are still using geostationary satellite links(as opposed to terrestrial links; and
  • See how directly hosts are connected.

We will also illustrate the correlations between Internet performance and indicators such as the UN Human Development Index, the ICT Development index from the ITU

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