At SC11, Internet2 will be featuring the following demos in our booth, #1327. Please stop by!

100G Network and Real-Time Network Visualization

Internet2 is actively working to upgrade the Internet2 Network optical and IP infrastructure to increase the available bandwidth to the research and education community. The end goal is to put a nationwide 100Gbps interconnected IP and optical network in place by mid-2012. This talk will focus on a description of the network upgrade and an update on implementation progress. This demo also features WorldView, an interactive three-dimensional, real-time network visualization system that makes the complex world of network data easily accessible. Developed by the Indiana University Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC), WorldView meets needs no existing tool could provide, in a system that is easy-to-use for network engineers and non-experts alike.

Enabling Large Scale Science: DYNES/SRS

Internet2, in collaboration with partners the California Institute of Technology, the University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University, will demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the DYNES cyber-instrument. This nationwide project, funded by the NSF's MRI program (grant number 0958998), is currently being deployed at U.S. universities and regional networks, and consists of hardware and software that utilize dynamic networking infrastructure. This framework aims to support large, long-distance scientific data flows in the LHC, other leading programs in data intensive science (such as LIGO, Virtual Observatory, and other large-scale sky surveys), and the broader scientific community. Demonstrations will show the reach and capabilities of this instrument across the country, and ongoing efforts to peer the service with similar capabilities in South America and Europe through the NSF IRNC program. The Internet2 ION network currently serves as the backbone interconnect for DYNES enabled regionals and universities. The Internet2 SCinet Research Sandbox (SRS) entry shows how DYNES-enabled research will benefit by using software defined networking (SDN) technologies such as OpenFlow in the future.

Distributing Physics Data Globally: Support for LHC

In a joint demonstration, Internet2 and GÉANT will illustrate Layer 2 transatlantic data traffic flow in support of the LHC project. Data movement will be shown across transatlantic links as well as participating end sites in the U.S. and Europe. This innovative effort will show dedicated network overlays for the particle physics community.

Software Defined Networks for Data Exchange Challenges: NDDI/OS3E

Software defined networking (SDN) will allow new solutions to the data exchange challenges that plague astronomers, climatologists, medical researchers, physicists and others whose work depends on massive data files. Internet2, with its partners Indiana University and the Clean Slate Program at Stanford University, will demonstrate a new suite of services to support global research, and bolster U.S. research competitiveness. The goal of the demo is to highlight OS3E's interdomain capability based on the IDCP by peering OS3E with Internet2 ION and provisioning a VLAN across both domains, using OS3E's user interface. As part of this demo we will also create and test a backup path for the segment of the VLAN which traverses the OS3E domain using the same UI used to create the interdomain VLAN. Focus will be on ease of use, and ease of service management. For the demo itself, we will employ measurement test points at each end to measure throughput and collect latency data. We will use the OS3E UI to observe VLAN use patterns during the demo.