Live netcast and video on demand information. National Internet2 K20 Initiative – Bringing Together Community Anchor Innovators

October 03, 2011, 7:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: 305B
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Session Abstract The Internet2 K20 Initiative invites innovators from Internet2 member institutions, community colleges, K-12 schools, libraries, museums, and other cultural, artistic, historic, and scientific organizations throughout the United States and around the world to explore real-world examples of how extending access to the advanced Internet2 Network is broadening and deepening opportunities in learning, scholarship, and science. The K20 meeting at the Fall Internet2 Member Meeting is being held in coordination with MCNC’s annual NCREN Community Day and the U.S. UCAN project.

Please visit the following URL to watch the netcast recording: streaming/Internet2Members

Viewers could interact with the live audience by sending questions or comments via the Internet2 K20 Twitter account using hashtag #I2K20 or the Internet2 K20 Facebook page.

PROGRAM (Eastern Daylight Time)

7:45 - Welcome
James Werle, Director, Internet2 K20 Initiative

7:50 - 8:00 - Technology & Tribes
Speaker: Louis Fox, Consultant

Description: The need for talented technology professionals is evident in many sectors, often most acutely in rural areas where the technology and IT professionals are not as prevalent. But these are communities with talent, capacity, and creativity. The goal of the "technology and tribes" effort is to create a "Peace Corps" of sorts, matching recent graduates from IT programs with communities that need their talents, and providing these recent graduates with cross-cultural experiences and insights that will serve them the rest of their lives. I am hoping to explore this idea with my K20 colleagues.

8:00 - 9:30 - Virtual Worlds, Serious Gaming, and Simulations
Speaker(s): Kim Breuninger, Educational Technology Programs Coordinator,, Chester County Intermediate Unit; Jackie Shia, Director, Challenger Learning Center (remote speaker); Manetta Calinger, Project Manager,, Center for Educational Technologies, Wheeling Jesuit University (remote speaker); Debbie Reese, Senior Educational Researcher, Wheeling Jesuit University, (remote participant, via webinar software), Patsy Carruthers, University of Kentucky, (remote participant); Aaron Walsh, Director, Immersive Education Initiative,

Description: This panel will explore a variety of immersive worlds, learning games, and simulations that support authentic learning in the K-20 classroom. Panelists will also discuss the role of advanced R&E networks deliver these applications.

(20 min) NewWorlds Project – Kim Breuninger will talk about NewWorlds, an Pennsylvania's Educational Virtual Environment based on open source technologies. The site gives students the ability to explore virtual worlds in game like simulations that expand their knowledge and demonstrate that knowledge through authentic assessment.

(10 min) CyberSurgeons - Manetta Calingers will describe how high school students become emergency medical specialists on a Mercy ship traveling up the Amazon River. CyberSurgeons is conducted through web interface and videoconferencing.

(15 min) MoonGazers - Debbie Reese will share how students are using the Internet-based, award- winning videogame Selene, and virtual world MoonWorld to learn the solar system’s basic geological processes.

(15 min) Virtual Anatomy and Political Science in Second Life - University of Kentucky uses its space in Second Life to support teaching and research projects as well as special events. April Richardson, Ph.D., (Kezia1618 Landar) teaches a virtual anatomy lab in SL, and Christopher S. Rice, Ph.D., (Ricetopher Freenote) has used SL to support his course American Political Thought, in which students explored political theory concepts in the built and social environments of Second Life. Visit UK’s SL project and link to resources and UK Island in Second Life at

(20 min) Rocket World – Aaron Walsh will discuss Rocket World, a comprehensive immersive learning framework and core immersive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) curricula designed to inspire and educate a new generation of scientists, engineers and researchers through the novel application of next-generation learning technology.

9:30 - 10:00 - Real-world examples of advanced connectivity in public libraries
Speakers: Suzanne Dees, Director, Superiorland Library Cooperative, (remote speaker); Pamela Christensen, Director, Peter White Public Library, (remote speaker); Leslee Niethammer, Director, Saline District Library, (remote speaker); Elwood Downing, VP Member Relations, Merit Networks,

Description: Directors from rural and urban public libraries in Michigan will share stories of how Merit- provided fiber connectivity have positively impacted their libraries and the communities they serve.

10:00 - 10:15 - Break 10:15 - 10:45 - U.S. UCAN and the Task Force on Community Anchor Network Economic Models
Speakers: Mark Johnson, Interim Executive Director, US UCAN; Mike Roberts, Chair, Task Force on Community Anchor Network Economic Models

Description: Mike Roberts and Mark Johnson will join us to offer an update on the Task Force and U.S. efforts and engage in Q/A with our community.

10:45 - 11:30 - Exemplar uses of R&E networking capacity in community and technical colleges
Speakers: Robert Musgrove, President,, Pine Technical College (remote participant); Saundra Williams, Sr. Vice President, NC Community College System; Mickey Slimp, Executive Director,, Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges & Universities

Description: Community colleges are using broadband and Internet2 to enhance the use of technology within their learning environment. The benefits go beyond the classroom walls to connect the college with its community partners and with other learning organizations including K12 schools, universities and health care institutions. Three panelists will discuss exemplary uses of broadband and Internet2 connectivity in their college or region.

11:30 - 12:00 - K-20 in the Clouds: Desktop Virtualization Projects
Speakers: Kurt DeMaagd, Assistant Professor, Department of Telecommunications, Information Studies, and Media, Michigan State University,; Elwood Downing, VP Member Relations, Merit Networks,; Clayton Potter, Pike County School District (remote participant)

Description: Participants in Merit's Hosted cloud sourced Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI) pilot will share lessons learned from the project. Additionally, Clayton Potter from Pike County School District in Kentucky will talk about an e-rate eligible desktop virtualization project involving 1,700 PCs.

12:00 pm - Adjourn
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