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October 04, 2011, 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
Location: 305A
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  • Ilia Baldine
  • Chip Elliott
    GENI Program Office
  • Larry Landweber
    GENI Program Office  [pdf]
  • Glenn Ricart
    U.S. Ignite
  • Session Evaluation
    Session Abstract Glenn Ricart will introduce the U.S. Ignite program. U.S. Ignite is an ambitious initiative by the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation to ignite the creation of gigabit applications and the gigabit infrastructure that would would be needed to support them. Relying on a public-private partnership that links campus innovation and the needs of small businesses and citizens across America, U.S. Ignite is intended to keep the United States at the forefront of advanced applications and infrastructure. U.S. Ignite will leverage GENI technologies. Chip Elliott will provide an update on GENI. The GENI project is now supporting a range of advanced computer science experiments across the meso-scale GENI prototype infrastructure spanning 14 campuses interlinked by Internet2 and NLR. He will discuss GENI's current status, and plans now underway to grow GENI's footprint to 30-50 campuses in the coming year, leading towards the ultimate goal of 100-200 GENI-enabled campuses connected via open, sliceable network topologies spanning regional networks, Internet2, NLR, and international partner projects. Larry Landweber will discuss an initiative to deploy OpenFlow and GENI Racks on campus production networks. Together with parallel efforts by Internet2, NLR and regional networks this will provide a national-scale OpenFlow infrastructure that will enable research on gigabit applications and post-Internet network architectures, thus furthering the goals of GENI and US Ignite. First steps include a mentoring program whereby experienced campuses provide technical and administrative advice to those that are less advanced in this area and a Bootcamp for network engineers. Ilia Baldine will demonstrate a few of the advanced GENI capabilities.

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