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Network Tools Tutorial -- NEW START TIME!

November 01, 2010, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
UTC/GMT -4 hours
Location: Waverly
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Session Abstract Jason Zurawski will host this tutorial where three speakers will provide details on their Network Tool development projects.

Chris Brumgard (Vanderbilt University) will present on logistical networking using the LoDN suite of tools.

Srikanth Sundaresan (Georgia Institute of Technology) will discuss the problem of understanding broadband performance in homes. Recent studies in the UK and the USA have shown that there is a wide gap between speeds advertised by ISPs and actual speeds obtained by users. In this project we analyze the various factors that affect performance seen by home users.

Hyojoon Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology) will present initial findings about the configuration tasks that operators perform across the Georgia Tech and Wisconsin campus networks, describe their configuration analysis tool, and solicit insight and help from other campus network operators regarding common network management and configuration tasks (and their associated complexity.
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