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A major benefit of Internet2 membership is participation in our semiannual Member Meetings, held every spring and fall. Your Internet2 membership fees cover 70% of a member's participation cost, and we ask attendees to pay 30% — in the form of meeting registration fees. Internet2 continually explores ways to keep our meeting costs, and your registration fees, low. To that end, fees have remained the same since 2003. Now, a number of factors, such as inflation, connectivity costs, and labor costs, necessitate an increase in registration fees.

To offer members the lowest possible rate, Internet2 has implemented a new fee structure that provides significant savings for early registration. Non-members are required to pay full meeting attendance costs.


Registration Fees
Registration Fees
Early Bird Registration
February 1 - March 30 (5:00 PM EST)
$300 $1000
Regular Registration
March 30 (5:01 PM EST) - April 22 (5:00 PM EDT)
$400 $1200
On-site Registration
April 22 (5:01PM EDT) - April 26
$500 $1500

To minimize further the need to increase registration fees in the future, we have identified measures that will help offset rising meeting costs. Additionally, we continue to seek new ways of offering sponsorship opportunities for various meeting components, from refreshment breaks to infrastructure.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Marianne Smith.


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that address meeting registration fees:

Q: Why is Internet2 increasing Member Meeting registration fees?

Member Meetings continue to grow in size and complexity, and the cost to execute them has increased.  Internet2 intends to continue to offer meetings with high-quality content and the advanced technical infrastructure required to support the variety of activities at a member meeting. Additionally, Internet2 will continue to explore sponsorships and grants and look for ways to reduce expenses.

Q: What portion of the meeting cost does the registration fee cover?

Attendance at Member Meetings is considered a benefit of membership in Internet2, and this benefit is important to preserve. The current fee for members covers about 30% of the cost of staging the meeting for each attendee. The fee for non-members is intended to cover the complete cost of the meeting for each attendee.

Q: If Member Meetings are a benefit of membership, why are non-members allowed to attend, even for a fee?

A key mission of Internet2 is to facilitate diffusion of new capabilities into the larger research and education community. The Sponsored Education Group Participant and sponsored participant programs have grown and are expected to continue growing. Member Meetings are an excellent way to expose others collaborating with Internet2 members to current work and plans, and attendance by selected non-members will help support the transfer of new practices, tools and technologies into the global production Internet.

Q: Will International MOU partners have to pay the non-member amount?

No. Representatives from international networking organizations that have Memorandum of Understanding agreements with Internet2 will continue to pay registration fees that are slightly higher than member registration fees. International registration fees have also been restructured into tiers:

International Registration Fees:
Early Registration: $400
Regular Registration: $500
On-site Registration: $600

While these international organizations are not members of Internet2, they contribute a substantial amount of the resource and effort required to create connections for the research community that spans the globe. Internet2 receives significant value from the participation of these international networking organizations in our Member Meetings and in many other projects and activities.

Q: What are your plans for future increases in Member Meeting registration fees?

Meeting registration fees will likely increase over time in response to inflationary factors. We will also work to contain costs, and avoid fee increases to the extent possible. The Internet2 Board of Trustees feels that some subsidy of member attendance by member dues is appropriate, so members are likely to continue to pay only a portion of the full cost.


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