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Internet2 IPv4 Multicast Hands-On Workshop, 2-4 February 2006

Internet2 IPv4 Multicast Hands-On Workshop - The University of New Mexico

2-4 February 2006
Albuquerque, NM


The IPv4 multicast workshop will focus primarily on IPv4 multicast technologies and implementation with a brief discussion of IPv6 Multicast. Students will design and configure a set of inter-connected multicast networks through a series of hands-on exercises. The workshop will be divided into 4 teams consisting of 5 attendees. Each team will configure 3 types of routers in their own network and interconnect their network with other teams' networks.

It is our expectation that, after having experienced a workshop as a student, an attendee will be able to engineer multicast networks within his/her campus or gigaPoP, to explain multicast engineering concepts to peers, and, in some cases, to help teach or facilitate future multicast workshops.

It is strongly suggested that participants have previous experience with router configuration, and basic routing protocols. While a variety of Multicast-related topics will be covered, the primary focus will be on understanding how to configure routers to support Multicast. Participants with backgrounds in configuring campus routers (particularly BGP configuration) will benefit the most from the workshop labs.

We strongly recommend that students get a copy of the book Interdomain Multicast Routing: Practical Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems Solutions by Brian M. Edwards, Leonard A. Giuliano, and Brian R. Wright. Students should prepare for the workshop by familiarizing themselves with this book, and should read at least chapter 1, "Interdomain Multicast Fundamentals", in its entirety.

Topics to be covered at this workshop include:

  • Router Configuration
  • Multicast addressing
  • Protocol Soup
  • IGMP - (Internet Group Membership Protocol) used by hosts and routers to tell each other about group membership
  • PIM-SM (Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode) used to propagate forwarding state between routers.
  • SSM (Source Specific Multicast), which utilizes a subset of PIM's functionality to guarantee source-only trees in the 232/8 range.
  • MSDP (Multicast Source Discovery Protocol) used to exchange ASM active source information between RPs.
  • MBGP (Multiprotocol BGP) used to exchange routing information for interdomain RPF checking.
  • Deploying multicast in a multi-vendor environment.

WHEN: Thursday 2/2: 9:00am-5:00pm, Friday 2/3: 9:00am-6:00pm, Saturday 2/4: 8:00am-12:00pm

WHERE: The University of New Mexico Student Union, 1 University of New Mexico, Building 60, Albuquerque, NM 87131 - Fiesta A&B Meeting Room

COST: The cost for the workshop is $300 per attendee.

WHAT TO BRING: Students are asked to bring a laptop and a wireless access card (802.11b required) if you have one. Please install the standard tools (vic/vat/rat/sdr), rtpqual, iperf and ethereal on your laptops as well as mtrace and any other debugging tools that you find useful. See this tools page for download sites.


Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks are sponsors of the Internet2 Multicast Workshop Series. Cisco Systems provided 2651XM routers and network modules and memory for 3640 routers, and Juniper Networks provided M-7i routers.

Contributors include Columbia University, Argonne National Laboratory, NCSA, University of Iowa, Indiana University, University of Oregon, University of Utah, NYSERnet and Ohio State University who have provided presenters for individual workshops.

Thanks to Greg Shepherd, Marshall Eubanks, Bill Nickless, Patrick Dorn, Beau Williamson, University of Oregon, Cisco Systems, and Juniper Networks for their contributions to the workshop documentation.

We would like to thank The University of New Mexico for hosting this workshop.



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