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 Internet2 Fall Meeting
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  • Fall 2002 Internet2 Member Meeting--

    27-30 October 2002
    Wilshire Grand
    Los Angeles, CA

    The Fall 2002 Internet2 Member Meeting was held Sunday, October 27 through Wednesday, October 30, 2002 at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Sincere thanks to the members of the Program Committee who fashioned a superb program to highlight the work of the Internet2 community! Corporate sponsorship for various portions of the Member Meeting was also outstanding. Finally, the support of the local hosts at the University of Southern California and contributions from across the membership, resulted in an outstanding Member Meeting attracting over 700 participants.

    Click here for archives of the Netcast portions of the program. For a list of Registrants, please click here.

    Highlights and Activities

    The Fall 2002 Internet2 Member Meeting focused on innovative applications that transform many areas of human endeavor. The location of the meeting in Los Angeles, hosted by the University of Southern California, opened up opportunities to focus on communication and multimedia applications, including digital cinema and high-speed, network-enabled performance events. General themes for the meeting included:

    • Advanced applications within and across disciplines, and the research and learning opportunities they open up
    • Emerging technologies and their impacts on research, learning and teaching
    • Integration of new technologies into a coherent architecture for researchers and educators

    Pre-meeting activities, such as tutorials, international task force presentations, open working groups, and other small group activities were held, Sunday, October 27 and Monday morning, October 28. The ResearchChannel held it's annual meeting in conjunction with the Fall 2002 Internet2 Member Meeting. Poster sessions were well attended at this meeting, and provided informal opportunities for sharing current work with colleagues on a one-to-one basis.

    The Program officially began on Monday afternoon with the Opening Plenary which featured welcoming remarks from Internet2 President, Doug Van Houweling, and “A View from the Board,” a panel offering perspectives on the work of Internet2 and its impact on higher education. Participants were Internet2 Board of Trustees members Molly Broad (University of North Carolina), Larry Faulkner (University of Texas, Austin), and Steven Sample (University of Southern California). An exciting visual simulation of the Los Angeles area, “Virtual Los Angeles,” was also presented by Bill Jepson, Director of the University of California Urban Simulation Laboratory. The Welcome Reception was held on Monday evening, and meeting attendees had an opportunity to participate in a viewing of 11 Digital Film Festival finalist films by students from member universities. Two winners were announced later at the digital film festival held Wednesday afternoon.

    The California Orthopaedic Research Network (CORN) was launched on Tuesday morning, October 29, in an exciting live surgery on a patient´s hand from an operating room at UCLA. On Tuesday afternoon, October 29, meeting attendees traveled to the University of Southern California campus to view advanced applications demos at the Davidson Executive Conference Center, the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts, and the Integrated Media Systems Center. The performance event held at the Bing Theatre on Tuesday evening highlighted the capabilities of Internet2-enabled collaborations and the talents of performers from member institution campuses.

    The Second Plenary on Wednesday afternoon featured the presentation of the Land-Speed Record by Rich Carlson, Argonne National Labs. In addition, Scott Fisher from USC demonstrated exciting advances in “Merging Physical Worlds with Internet2.” Finally, Michael McRobbie, Indiana University, Bloomington, presented an invitation to the Spring 2003 Internet2 Member Meeting in Bloomington, April 7-9.

    Internet2 Commons Site Coordinator Training, sponsored by Internet2 and CENIC, was held immediately following the Fall 2002 Internet2 Member Meeting. and certified each participant who successfully completed the training as an Internet2 Commons Site Coordinator.

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